TRP Crank CK-9050 EVO Carbon Fiber Crank, 165mm Length Cinch compatible interface/ 68 & 73, Black / Gold

Part# TRP188
Brand: TRP

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Sold as a set, without chainring.

TRP Evo 12 Carbon Crankset

Introducing TRP’s Carbon Crankset, meticulously engineered for exceptional performance. Crafted with a high-performance layup, this crankset boasts an exceptional balance of lightweight design and robust strength, ensuring a riding experience that pushes boundaries. The 30mm spindle diameter further enhances its durability and power transmission. With options of 165mm and 170mm lengths, you can fine-tune your cycling setup for optimum comfort and efficiency.

Key Features:
  • High-Performance Layup
  • Lightweight and strong for ultimate performance
  • 30mm spindle diameter
  • 165mm length