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Showing 1–48 of 62 results

Our range of bicycle carrier racks includes front racks, rear racks & nothing in between! Those are the two places you carry racks on your bike 🙂

But not to worry, there are quite a number of options for different carrying needs.

Mayby you want a rear rack to carry a milk crate, or maybe you will be carrying a trunk bag. Either way you will find something in our warehouse for that.

Because we try to inventory every kind of rack you may need for your bike.

But we should clarify, these aren’t the types of racks used to transport your bike on the back of your car. These are racks designed to carry bags & cargo on your bicycle. Rather than carrying a backpack!

And because we are Abbotsford Cycles, we care a lot about cargo carrying on a bike. In fact, we are experts in it. We stock a range of extremely high quality cycle touring racks in our bicycle repair shop in Melbourne. And because we know the recent trend is away from touring & into bikepacking, we have non-rack bags too.

But when it comes to simple accessories to make your cycling experience easier, you can’t go past carrier racks.