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Showing 1–48 of 52 results

BB, Crank & Pedal Tools are necessary gear for the serious home mechanic. Or just someone who doesn’t have a conveniently located local bike shop!

There will be a time in your cycling life when you need to remove your bike’s pedals. In fact this can be a weekly task for some. Especially if you are someone who will be removing pedals for storage or transportation of your bike.

There are a number of tools you will be able to use to remove your bike’s pedals, and we stock them all in our warehouse.

When it comes to removing or replacing your bike’s cranks you will finds yourself in need of specialist tools.

You will soon understand the need for a vast number of tools in a bike shop when you start working on your bike. There are many different bottom bracket standards. And there are different types of cranks that will require different methods for their removal. Working out which type of bottom bracket you have will be your first step.

Choosing the correct BB, Crank & Pedal Tools can be tricky, so if you are struggling get in touch with us! Abbotsford Cycles is a bicycle repair shop meaning this is our speciality. And we will be able to help you work on your own bike too.