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Showing 1–48 of 690 results

Looking for replacement wheels for your bicycle? You’ve come to the right place. We have wheels for just about any type of bike, and wheelchairs too!

Bicycle Wheels Can Have a Big Impact On the Performance of Your Bike

From durable plastic mountain bike wheels to aerodynamic, light bicycle wheels for road bikes, upgrading or replacing your wheelset is an easy and affordable way to gain serious improvements in performance and handling. At Bicycle Parts Warehouse, we stock a vast array of bicycle wheel sizes from the world’s leading brands at highly competitive prices. If you need a new bicycle wheel, shop our range online now.

Choosing the Best Bicycle Wheel

The ideal wheelset for your bike will provide the right balance of weight, strength and durability for your individual riding style. A light bicycle wheel set will lower the rotational weight, improving acceleration and increasing your speed. However, some riding styles require robust wheels that can stand up to harsh punishment with ease. All wheels share some common characteristics, but feature different attributes that make them suited to a particular bike type. If you need a strong set of BMX 12-inch bicycle wheels for sale to handle stunts and jumps, or if you are looking for aerodynamic 20” bicycle wheels for sale to optimise your performance in an upcoming road race, we have the wheels that are right for your needs, at the price.

When Should You Replace Your Bicycle Wheels?

Bike wheels don’t always last forever, especially if you take to the roads or the tracks frequently. Wheels inevitably reach a point where they need to be replaced and it usually depends on your road or trail conditions, your weight, how much overall weight your bike is carrying and how much braking you do. Some rims have a replacement indicator, but if your rim doesn’t, you can check the rim surface for a slight concave depression or other signs of excessive wear. Rims and spokes are also subject to metal wear and tear, so you should ask your local bike shop to assess your wheels if you’ve been riding on them for several years.

The Right Bicycle Wheel for Every Bike

Whether you are looking for front wheels, rear wheels, wheel sets, small bicycle wheels for sale or even spare tyres, parts, tools and accessories, we have everything to suit your cycling needs.

In our range of plastic wheels, you will find lightweight construction, stability and comfort, ensuring seamless balance between rider, bike and its wheels. We stock mountain and road bike wheels in different rim variants, with clincher, tubular and tubeless tyres, as well as with rim brakes and disc brakes. Shop now or get in touch with our friendly team for expert advice. With fast and affordable shipping, it’s never been easier to get all of your bike components and parts.