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Showing 1–48 of 722 results

Looking for brakes for your bike? Well you’ve found them. We stock a huge range of brake levers, calipers, pads, rotors & cables in our warehouse.

As a ‘consumable’ part on your bike, you will find yourself needing to change your brake pads fairly often. And depending on how you ride & where you ride, it might be really frequently!

We stock a huge range of rim brake & disc brake pads in our warehouse to cover just about any type of braking system. And we buy our pads from the biggest & best names in the industry, namely Kool Stop. KS are a known name in the bike industry, for their high quality brake pads. This is their specialty, and they do it well. You will find Kool Stop pads will last longer & give you better braking performance than most. In fact you will find they are better than the stock pads your bike comes with!

If you are looking to replace broken brake levers on a bike, then you have found yourself among friends. Easily one of the most commonly damaged parts on a bike, your levers go through it. They are often sticking out in the line of fire from trees or the road. And if you will be replacing your lever its often a good time to check your brake cables too.

And luckily we stock every part of the braking system, from lever to caliper to pad to cable. So if you can’t find what you need on our webstore get in touch! We can help you sort through the masses of options.