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Showing 1–48 of 116 results

KMC make hard-wearing, high quality chains for any & every bicycle out there.

They have the widest range of single and multi-speed chains that you can buy in Australia. And we stock them all at Bicycle Parts Warehouse!

Whether you are simply replacing your worn chain or you are looking to upgrade your chain, KMC are a good choice.

As a specialist chain manufacturer, this is all they do, and they do it well.

While the big names in bikes are familiar to you – that’s Sram & Shimano – KMC are equally well known in components. We are big fans of their products as our mechanics fit them to bikes every day.

Bike’s are unlike other things in the world, in that piecing together a great bike is often more about finding OEM parts. This means you will be able to upgrade your bike’s components by sourcing alternatives to the supplied.

You will find a KMC chain is of extremely high quality when compared to Shimano or Sram.