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Showing all 25 results

Need to replace your bar ends? We stock a wide range of handlebar bar ends for your flat bar or bar plugs for your drop bar road bike or flat bar kids bike!

What purpose do bar ends serve on a bicycle?

Bar ends are additional hand grips that attach to the ends of a flat or riser handlebar on a bicycle. They extend outward from the handlebar and can be positioned in a variety of ways to provide different hand placement options for the rider.

Bar ends serve several purposes, including:

  • Offering additional hand positions: Bar ends provide a wider range of hand placement options for the rider, which can reduce fatigue and discomfort on longer rides.
  • Improving climbing: The additional hand positions provided by bar ends can help the rider climb hills more efficiently, by allowing them to pull on the handlebars for more power.
  • Increasing control: Bar ends can improve bike handling and stability by giving the rider more leverage and control over the bike.
  • Adding versatility: Bar ends can be removed or adjusted easily, allowing the rider to customize their bike for different types of riding.