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Busch+Muller (Busch und Müller or B+M) are class-leaders in high output battery & dynamo powered bicycle lighting.

If you have done any research into dynamo lighting systems, then you will be sure to see their name pop up. Making high quality, long-life products is fundamental to their ethos. As with so many brands in the bike industry, B+M have been around for decades in Europe & the world. And while they are lesser known here in Australia or New Zealand, they are well known in Europe.

In fact the cycling culture of Europe means we are a very small market for B+M! If you have noticed bikes in Europe you would have noticed how common a dynamo lighting system is their. It is common to see commuter bikes with dynamo lights & accessories to make cycling easier like rear view mirrors.

Why cycling mirrors & lights?

Cycling mirrors may seem an interesting pairing with bike lights but these are two great cycle touring additions. Riding bikes on long tours is very much a European thing! And though it is still reasonably known here, the touring cyclist knows the importance of a mirror.

When you have a loaded up bike on a long ride – weeks lets say – then having reliable lighting that doesn’t need charging is important. You will find life is that much easier when you don’t need to charge your lights every day ‘just in case’. And when riding for long days on roads with cars, being able to monitor behind you with a mirror is important. You will also find it handy to keep an eye on your cycling buddies if you are riding together!