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Rear Carrier Racks

Rear carrier racks (otherwise known as bicycle luggage racks) are super practical! We love a good rack on a bike because it simply makes it more practical. The more functional you can make your bike, the better.


How do bicycle luggage racks work?


Rear carrier racks are design to mount over your bike’s rear wheel, and mount on to the frame of you bike. They can have their fixing points in a number of locations though. And this is because there are just so many different designs of bikes out there.

The most common type of rear carrier rack will mount to the axle of your rear wheel. And the stays of the rack will mount to either the mudguard bridge or the seat stay bosses. While many bikes have seat stay bosses, not all of them do. And the same goes for mudguard bridge bosses. Bike’s are tricky like this!

If you have neither mudguard bridge bosses nor seat stay bolts, all is not lost. You will find seat post clamp adapters for bikes on our site too. Seat post clamp adapters for racks are super handy for road bike’s especially. As these are the bikes most likely to have no accommodation for a rack. After all, road bikes are designed for speed, not practicality!


What is the difference between all these racks?


In looking at the range of rear carrier racks we have on our site you will see mention of wheel size. This is generally written as 20″, 24″, 700c, 29er. These refer to wheel circumference or the size of the wheel. This is because a rear rack has to fit over the top of the wheel. Meaning the legs of the rack need to be long enough to reach over the top of the wheel. So a rear rack for a 24″ wheel (generally a kids bike) is too small to fit over an adult size 700c wheeled bike.

Now we understand that buying a bike rack online expects a pretty high level of knowledge about bikes. So if you are confused about what will work with your bike, we can help. Get in touch with us with some photos or some details about the model of your bike. And we will be able to work out which rack options we have for your bike.