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Showing all 32 results

Shop our range of Quill Stems online; adjustable quill stems, handlebar quill stems, BMX quill stems, vintage bike quill stems, alloy quill stems & more.

What is a quill stem?

Quill stems are a type of bike stem that was commonly used on older road bikes and some modern city and commuter bikes. A quill stem has a long, thin stem that inserts into the fork steerer tube and is secured with an expander bolt or wedge, and a horizontal bar that extends out from the stem to hold the handlebars. Quill stems are recognizable by their threaded bolt on the top, which is used to tighten and adjust the stem height and angle. They were popular on older bikes because they were easy to install and adjust, and were reliable. However, they have largely been replaced by newer threadless stems, which are lighter, stiffer, and offer more adjustability.