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Showing all 10 results

Pivotal Seatposts

Looking for Pivotal seatposts for your BMX? We’ve got you covered. We stock pivotal seatposts in sick colours & short lengths for slammin’!

This seat posts are exclusively for BMX bikes & freestyle bikes. With their simple design these seatposts are stronger & lighter. Using a single bolt that will mount your saddle to your seatpost makes these very strong.

The reduced length of the seatpost correlates to your minimal frame on your BMX, and you can shorter it further if you need to.

Using saddles without the traditional saddle rail means these are stronger than your average bike seat & post combo. And this smoother look only allows for forward & backward tilt adjustment. Which is all you need for freestyle.

For saddles to fit these seatposts check out our BMX saddle page here.