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Showing all 27 results

Order freewheel tools online from, our Melbourne warehouse. From sprocket remover tools, freewheel remover tools, chain whip to cassette lockring removers. We have them all!

Freewheel tools are a must-have at home for changing your chain & cassette. Because your chain & cassette will be undergoing the most stress & wear as you ride. Compared to your tyres of course.

You should expect to change your chain & cassette with reasonable frequency, and you will need tools to do so.

A lockring driver or lockring remover is what you will need in combination with a chain whip. Or another cassette tool to gain purchase on your cassette. This will allow you to remove your cassette.

If you are like so many of us and find your cassette is worn unevenly, such as the middle sprockets being worn. Then unfortunately to you will need to replace the cassette when you add a new chain. This is because the uneven wear will prevent your chain from moving smoothly across the sprockets.