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Showing 1–48 of 231 results

Need individual spokes? Check out our range of bicycle wheel spokes; aero spokes, double butted spokes, j hook spokes, stainless steel spokes & more.

Need custom cut spokes? At Abbotsford Cycles we take wheel building seriously, we stock Phil Wood spokes & use a Phil Wood spoke cutter to custom cut spokes to suit your wheelset. Call us at our Melbourne bike shop in Richmond to discuss with us the spokes you need & we can get you back on your bike.

Is the gauge of spoke important in a wheel build?

Yes, the gauge of spokes is an important consideration in a bike wheel build. Spokes come in different thicknesses or gauges, typically ranging from 14 to 15 gauge for most bicycle applications. The gauge of the spoke affects its strength and weight. Thicker spokes are stronger, but also heavier, while thinner spokes are lighter but may not be as strong. In general, heavier riders or those riding with heavy loads may want to use thicker spokes for added strength, while lighter riders or those looking for a lighter weight wheel may choose thinner spokes. The choice of spoke gauge also depends on other factors such as the intended use of the bike, riding style, terrain, and the type of hub being used.