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Chain Tools

Bicycle Parts Warehouse stocks a large range of bike chain tools to help you repair or replace your bicycle chain.

Why Do I Need a Bike Chain Tool?

If you want to install, repair, replace or remove bike chains, you will need a chain tool.

Chains are one of the most common parts of a bike that are subject to wear and tear. And you will find replacing one isn’t difficult with the right tools. A chain link tool allows you to split old chains, shorten new ones and join those that use a pin rather than a quick-link. Stocking bicycle parts and accessories from industry-leading brands, shop with us online today and get a high quality chain link removal tool or bike chain cleaning tool delivered direct to your door.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bike Chain Link Tool

Chain Compatibility – Not every bike chain removal tool will work with every chain. The number of sprockets on your cassette often determines which chain removal tool is most suitable. Some tools self-adjust to accommodate multiple chain widths, however, many chain tools have a fixed design, providing limited versatility.

Larger, Size Equals Better Leverage – Generally, a larger tire chain repair tool means greater leverage and superior comfort in the hand. With many modern chains featuring tightly-set pins, increased leverage can help to make life easier.

Pin design – A key component of a bike chain tool is the tool’s pin. A common point of failure, it’s important to be able to replace it if required. Chain tools with irreplaceable pins will have to be discarded if this small part ever breaks.

Buy Chain Tools Online

If you need expert advice on how to use a bike chain tool or for help in selecting the best chain tool for your needs, get in touch with the team at Bicycle Parts Warehouse today. Whether you need a bicycle chain tool for your home mechanic kit or a small version for emergency repairs, replacement pins, pliers and more – shop our range online now and get the tools and accessories you need and Australia’s best prices.