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Showing 1–48 of 78 results

Welcome to the world of General Workshop Tools! Here in our warehouse of just about every bicycle part or accessory, we have many tools.

And the most useful of our tools are the general tools, or those one’s you drop by a bike shop to borrow. We know, we see you all in Abbotsford Cycles borrowing them!

So we can make a few suggestions here for your own tool set. Or as a gift to the cyclist in your life who complains every time they have to go by the bike shop!

Grab yourself a set of allen wrenches or allen keys. Because you will always need to tighten up a bolt or adjust a seat post. Certainly if you will be fitting mudguards or a saddle or a bell you are likely to need an allen key.

Then of course there are wrenches – particularly useful if you have an older bicycle or a single speed bike. You will always be in need of a wrench to adjust your chain tension on a fixie!

If you have pedals that you rotate between your bikes, or you will be removing your pedals for transportation, then you will need a pedal wrench. These wrenches come in convenient leverage inducing heft, or small simple wrenches to easy carry. Either way we have these in our online store too.

And then of course there are the more complicated tools such as the hydraulic hose press. These are a necessary tool if you will be cutting your brake hoses at home – though its a messy task!