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Bicycle Bottom Bracket

The humble bottom bracket is a small yet necessary component for smooth and safe riding.

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What Exactly Is a Bottom Bracket?

The bottom bracket is a bicycle component used to connect a bicycle’s crankset to its frame, allowing it to rotate independently. Without a bike bottom bracket, the bike’s transmission would not be able to rotate. When a bottom bracket begins to fail, its bearings can make a unpleasant noise and develop play.

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Bottom Bracket Tools for Easy Replacement

Unlike the old-style loose ball brackets, modern bottom brackets feature external sealed cartridge bearings making replacement a relatively quick and inexpensive job. All it takes is the right bottom bracket tool and replacement bike parts. Bottom brackets are available in many shapes and sizes so it’s important you know which one will suit your bike, generally your bracket system is determined by the bike’s manufacturer. To replace the bottom bracket:

  • remove the cranks by loosening the pinch bolts with an Allen key
  • decompress the bearings
  • release the safety catch
  • extract the crank – it may be difficult to get out
  • using the spanner part of the bottom bracket tool, remove the bottom bracket
  • clean the edges and threads
  • fit the new bearings
  • replace the chain set
  • replace the compression cap ensuring it is finger tight – over-tightening will cause the bearings to wear prematurely
  • replace the safety catch and tighten the pinch bolts

If your bike has a new-style pressfit bottom bracket, it might be a good idea to ask for expert advice from your local bike shop.

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What Size Bottom Bracket Do I Need for My BMX?

There are two standard BMX bottom bracket sizes – 19mm or 22mm and four main types – American, Mid, Euro and Spanish.

BMX riding places a large amount of stress on the bottom bracket, so it pays to invest in high quality bearings which will spin smoother for longer and be able to withstand more stress. For advice on BMX bottom bracket removal or to purchase your BMX bottom bracket removal tool, shop online now or get in touch with our team on (03) 9429 6889.

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