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Showing all 22 results

Need pocket tools? Shop our range of folding multi tool kits, nylon tyre levers, steel tyre levers, pocket wheel truing tools. Shipping Australia Wide & New Zealand too!

Which are the most useful tools to keep on hand?

Pocket bike tools are an absolute necessity for the everyday cyclist. You won’t need to have the skills, if you have the right tools! And there’s no better friend on the ride than the one who is carrying the right tools in their pocket.

Important things to carry with you, you won’t regret leaving the house with a tyre lever & a multi-tool. There’s simply no better feeling than when you find that tool you need in your bag.

Being prepared is important for any commute, tour or bike ride. Simply take along the basics and you will likely never have to use them!

Buy pocket bicycle tools from our online store & be confident that they are the tools used by cyclists like us. Much of the gear you will see here is what we use in our bicycle repair shop in Richmond.

Shipping from our Melbourne warehouse, you can buy tyre levers online as well as multi-tools for those fine tune adjustments on the ride home. Use a multi-tool for adjusting your saddle when it becomes uncomfortable, or tightening a loose bolt on your bike bell if it gets a bit rattley.