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A standard bike chain has more moving parts than any other bike component. When you need a replacement bike chain, Bicycle Parts Warehouse has your needs covered.

A bike chain is one of the hardest-working components on a bicycle, so it’s natural it will need replacing from time to time. Whether you need a new single speed bike chain, a BMX bike chain or general advice on how to fix a bike chain, the team at Bicycle Parts Warehouse is here to help. With thousands of bicycle components, accessories and tools from industry-leading brands in stock, you can get everything you need to keep you bike in optimal working condition. Shop our range of bike chains online now.

When Do I Need a Bike Chain Replacement?

A bike chain is a key element of your bike’s transmission, and it’s through the chain that pedal power is converted into forward movement. As chains wear out they stretch, and eventually start to skip over the teeth on the sprocket. If you have noticed this happening, it’s time for a bike chain replacement, and if the wear is considerable you might need to consider a new cassette and chainrings too. Most chains will need replacing every 3000-5000km, depending on your riding style. Order your new bike chain and chain accessories now and get free shipping when you spend over $100.

Which Bike Chain Should I Buy?

The type of chain you need will depend on your type of bike. There are varying chain widths available to suit BMX, road and mountain bikes. If you aren’t sure which chain is right for you, get in touch with our friendly team and we will we be happy to assist you. As knowledgeable bike experts, we can also help with any questions you may have including how to remove a bike chain or how to tighten a bike chain. Send us an enquiry online or call our team on 03 9429 6889.

How Do I Maximise the Life of My Bike Chain?

Cleaning and maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your chain. As your bike chain wears and stretches over time, it can cause damage the teeth on your chainrings or sprocket. Keeping your chain clean and lubricated will minimise wear. We recommend wiping your chain with a soft cloth after every ride and using a bike chain cleaner or bike chian degreaser when you notice a build-up of grime. Keeping your chain lubricated with bike chain lubricant will also help to keep it in good working order, and make sure you regularly check your chain length for signs that it has stretched.

From a new bike chain tool to bike chain oil, you will find everything you need to maintain your chain in our virtual warehouse.

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With a huge range of high quality chains, chain links, tools  and accessories at highly competitive prices, maintaining your bike has never been easier. Proudly Australian owned and operated, shop confidently with us today and experience our friendly service and support for yourself.