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Showing all 10 results

Brake Bolts

Needing brake bolts for your bike? We stock anchor bolts, binder bolts, pivot nuts & mounting bolts for just about any caliper brake.

Restoring and repairing a bicycle involves a dizzying number of small parts & nuts & bolts. We stock a wide range of options in our warehouse, so you will be sure to find the right one here.

We have made available the range that would be used by any bicycle shop in Australia, including our own. The bolts we have in stock are the one’s we use on bike’s in for repair & service in our bike shop. And one’s that we would recommend for strength & durability.

You will find it’s tricky finding a bike appropriate bolt at a hardware store. And for good reason, bike industry standards are very different! If you are unable to find the bolt you need, get in touch!

We are familiar with the small parts & components needed to get bike’s running again. And we are confident we will have what you need.