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Bicycle Tubes

Replacement bike tyre tubes are a necessity for safe riding, and Bicycle Parts Warehouse stocks high quality mountain and road bike tubes from the world’s leading brands.

Choosing the Right Bike Tyre Tube

There are many different brands, sizes and types of bike tubes available, so it is important that you choose the correct size tube for your tyre and a tube material that is appropriate for your style of riding. The inner tube must fit the wheel’s diameter and also the width of the tyre fitted. Road wheels are usually 700c sized, and will need 700c tubes. Bicycle tubes 700 x 23c are typically the leading choice for racing bike models.

Mountain bike wheels and tyres are sized in inches. There are many options available, with 26”, 27.5” and 29” wheeled bikes commonly ridden.

Kids’ bikes and jump bikes have smaller wheels, usually 14in, 16in, 20in or 24in, and as such, will need smaller diameter inner tubes. Buy replacement 14in inner tubes, 20inch bicycle tires and tubes or 24inch bicycle tubes online now.

Preventing Punctures

Tyre punctures are a common problem amongst cyclists. There are a few options available to help you minimise your chances of a flat. These include:

  • Thornproof Tubes – A bike tube is generally made of rubber or Latex, sits inside your tyre and is inflated with a pump. Unfortunately, they can be easily punctured. Thornproof tubes are extra thick for increased puncture protection, ensuring a safe and smooth ride on any surface conditions.
  • Bicycle foam tubes – these innovative, airless foam tyre inserts have become popular for mountain bike riders riding on aggressive terrain.
  • Bicycle tube liners – designed to provide an additional rubber shield between the tyre and tube, a bicycle inner tube liner provides extra protection from debris such as thorns, broken glass and other sharp objects. Tyre liners are an affordable and effective way to prolong the life of your tyres and tubes.

Should I Replace Missing Valve Caps?

Playing a significant role in maximising the lifespan of bicycle tyre tubes, bike valve caps are a small but vital bicycle component. Bike valve covers and caps keep grime and dirt out of the valve. If dirt finds its way in, bike tyre valves won’t do their job and it’s likely you will need to replace the entire bike tube. Shop our extensive range of bike valve types today.

Find Bike Tubes Near Me Today

If you are looking for a specific 27inch bicycle inner tube or if you are after general advice on how to change a bike tube or bicycle tube repair tips, our expert team is here to help. With a wide range of bike tube sizes and styles, as well as accessories and components for bikes of all types, we pride ourselves on supplying the largest range of bicycle parts coupled with prompt and professional customer service. Get in touch and shop with us today.