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Showing all 24 results

We stock a huge range of Dynamo & E-Bike lights for your bike, so you never have to remember to charge your bicycle lights again! Australia Wide Shipping.

You will find our range of dynamo lighting & ebike lighting is combined on this page. This is because both of these very different types of lighting are designed to be powered by the bike.

Dynamo lighting works by using a magnetic hub which produces the current to electrically power your lights with revolutions of the wheel. This style of powering lights is extremely popular in Europe, and less popular here in Australia. But measuring how good this system is by popularity is no good. Because dynamo lighting is fantastic!

If you are someone who puts in a lot of kilometres on their bike as a commuter, you will certainly benefit from a dynamo set-up. And we stock everything you need to set up your entire dynamo build here.

Our warehouse stocks dynamo hubs, as well as dynamo lights, spare cables & of course spokes to build your wheel.

Dynamo & E-Bike wheel builds are a common job in our workshop in Abbotsford Cycles. So if you are wanting to go ahead with it but don’t have the know-how yourself, give us a shout!