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Showing all 44 results

We stock a wide range of bicycle kickstands, from double leg kickstands touring bikes, mid-mount kickstands for cargo bikes & stands for kids bikes.

Which type of kickstand should I buy for my bike?

This is an excellent question, because there are many types of kickstands in our online shop. And we understand it can be hard to figure out which one you need.

But to make it easier, you will first need to determine the wheel size of your bike. This will ensure you are getting a stand that will reach the ground from the great height of your bike!

Next of course is about where the kick stand mounts to your bike’s frame. This is sometimes tricky to figure out. We recommend a centre-mount kickstand if you have a bike with the correct mounting holes. Generally if yo have a commuter bike you will have a bike that has a hole for mounting this one.

If you will be riding a heavy bike or a loaded up bike like touring bike or an ebike, a double-leg is great. A double-leg kickstand will spring out and provide a base to elevate your entire rear end of your bike. Taking the entire weight of the rear end of your bike  you will find this super handy for a cargo bike too. These are in fact the standard for cargo bikes so that the bike doesn’t tip.

These are an excellent choice for a bike that you often need to stand alone. You will find they are a life saver if you have nowhere to lean your bike at home too.