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Showing 1–48 of 238 results

Finally work through your chainring? Check out our huge range of chainrings for road, gravel, mountain & track bikes. In just about any tooth count!

While it’s always a shame when you find yourself needing to replace a chainring, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Your chainrings are made of tougher stuff than other components on your drivetrain like your chain & cassette. And this means that you won’t often need to replace them. But this also means that they are more expensive to replace when you finally need to.

Choosing a high quality & durable front chainring is a good idea to get the most out of this component. A higher quality ring is going to last you longer – you should get quite a few cassettes out of your chainring.

And because your chainring determines the ratio that you will get out of your cassette. So changing this ring to a different tooth count will have a dramatic effect on your ride experience.

But this is often why people will change it out! Because it’s a quick way to fundamentally change how your bike rides. Choosing a small chainring like for your gravel bike or mountain bike & a large rear cassette will give you dramatic climbing advantage. But will be no good to you on the flats or when you need speed.

And much as a high cadence is fine on your gravel bike or mountain bike, you might want to use your effort differently on a road bike. Choosing a higher tooth count & a bigger chainring as a result on your road bike is common. This will give you the greatest benefit on the long flats & over long distances.