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Bike Chainrings

A bike chainring is a small but vital component of any bicycle, get yours from the experts at Bicycle Parts Warehouse today.

A bike chainring is the round, ‘spiky’ bit connected to your cranks that pulls the chain round. Also known as the front gears, bicycle chainrings utilise gear ratios for different output on different terrain to optimise your power. The size of a chainring plays a direct role in the gearing of your bike, with bigger rings meaning a higher gear and smaller rings, a lower gear. With thousands of bike parts, accessories and tools from world-leading brands, Bicycle Parts Warehouse is your one-stop bicycle shop where you can find everything you need to maximise your riding performance.

What Are the Best Chainrings for Road Bikes?

Modern road bikes typically have a choice of three chainring set-ups, with two of them being the most popular — the double and the compact-double.

Double – Standard double set-ups usually come a big road bike chainring with 53 teeth and a smaller ring with 39 teeth.

Compact Double – Here, the gear ratios have been compacted from a standard double. A common chainring set-up for compacts are a large ring with 50 teeth and a small ring with 34. There are other combinations available, but these are less common.

Triple – The triple has the benefit of lower gearing for more efficient hill climbing. Standard gearing for a triple could be 50-39-30.

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Mountain Bike Chainrings

Most mountain bikes have moved away from having multiple front chainrings in favour of a single, medium-sized ring. When combined with a clutched rear derailleur and a narrow-wide chainring, road bike dropped chains have almost become a thing of the past. Select from our range of chainrings in a range of sizes or convert your cranks to a single ring setup. We also stock a great range of chainring guards – a mountain bike chainring guard is a great defence against rock and root strikes on the trail.

Choose from guards to suit any size of chainring. If you need more information on the biggest chainring for mountain bike or how to change chainrings on a mountain bike our expert team of bicycle enthusiasts are ready to help. Send us an enquiry online or call us today on 03 9429 6889.

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