Disc Brake Parts

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Showing 1–48 of 71 results

Showing 1–48 of 71 results

We stock a wide range of disc brake parts; flat mount adapters, post mount adapters, bleed kits, disc pad springs, shims & brake rotors.

Shipping from our Melbourne warehouse, we have a mountain of disc brake parts & adapters to get you rolling again. Check out the range here.

The most commonly asked for parts for disc brakes are adapters! This is because sometimes you want to keep your old braking system on your new bike. Or maybe you will be using a different rotor size on your brakes. These adapters make it possible to keep the parts of your brakes that you want. And to build the bike you want!

Another exceedingly common part you will see on our site is disc brake pad springs. You will find yourself catching the springs from your pads when you remove them for replacement. They are bouncy! And often you will find one is bent or deformed or damaged.

You will be able to find a replacement spring to suit your pads in our range of parts, we are confident!

But if you are having trouble determining the exact part you need, get in touch! We can help.