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Showing all 10 results

Looking for Rim Brake Parts? Don’t worry, rim brake isn’t dead yet! We stock barrel adjusters, brake springs, ferrules & catridge shoes to name a few.

We stock just about the widest range of rim brake parts you will find in Australia. And that’s because our warehouse has been stocking these parts for decades. You won’t find a store with a more comprehensive list of parts. Think of it as having access to the same stuff that your local bike shop has access too.

We have made this huge range available to the public because we know not everyone has a convenient bike shop. And sometimes you will want to fix your bike yourself – we can relate!

Stocking up on brake parts will allow you to keep your freedom machine running for decades. And much as the popularity has moved towards disc brake, there are many parts still available. And many awesome bikes that use rim brakes are still rolling around! We work on rim brake bikes everyday in our Abbotsford Cycles workshop. So rest assured you won’t need to bin your bike just yet. Well, not unless you want a new one that is.