What’s the Abbotsford Cycles connection?

Bicycle Parts Warehouse is an online store that we at Abbotsford Cycles have created for the thousands of products we have access to.

Abbotsford Cycles is a bicycle repair shop in Melbourne, located at 27 Swan Street Richmond. And while we stock a wide range of bike parts & accessories in store, we can only display a small portion of what is available to us. So we have set up this virtual warehouse.

Orders from Bicycle Parts Warehouse are brought in from the warehouse to us at Abbotsford Cycles – usually within 2 business days – and shipped from our Melbourne store.

Abbotsford Cycles has maybe 1000 items in store, this warehouse has 9,000 and growing.

If you can’t find what you need online, or want some advice on choosing the right part, we can help! Call us @ Abbotsford Cycles, or email us at enquiry@bicyclepartswarehouse.com.au