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Although a small component, bike valve caps play a significant role in maximising the lifespan of bicycle tyre tubes.

A Huge Range of Valve Caps at Australia’s Best Prices

Bicycle Parts Warehouse is Australia’s trusted supplier of a comprehensive range of bicycle parts and components, keep all bicycles running smoothly, safely and looking good. With over 9000 bicycle parts and accessories in stock, we have everything you need for a safe and successful ride from wheels and tyres to brakes, bolts, bearings and more. Shop our huge range in store or online now.

Will My Tyres Deflate Without Bike Tyre Valve Caps?

Tyre valve caps, plastic or metal, are not a critical safety or performance feature, and bike tyres will not lose air if the valve caps are missing. While they are important, their primary function is to cover the valve to keep it free from dirt, grime, corrosion and condensation, not to retain air. If too much dirt finds its way in or the stem begins to corrode, the valve won’t perform as it should and you will likely need to replace the entire bike tube.

Give Your Bike a New Look with Decorative Bicycle Tyre Valve Caps

If your valve caps are missing, the plastic has cracked or you just want to add little bling to your bike, check out our metal bullet caps available in a range of cool colours, skull shape designs, bike valve caps with LED light or our custom dice valve caps for bikes with serious style. Durable, lightweight and stylish, decorative valve caps are an affordable way to transform your bike tyres from boring to bespoke. Browse our range online now.

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