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Showing 1–48 of 77 results

Sturmey Archer are the pioneers of the internally geared hub. Buy your genuine Sturmey parts online now, shipping Australia wide & to New Zealand.

Sturmey Archer (affectionately called Sturmey) are the British manufacturers of internally geared hubs. They also specialize in ‘dynohubs’ and drum brakes, though they are rare here now!

We stock a huge number of Sturmey small parts for rebuilding or repairing your internally geared hub. Or you can buy a whole new hub or shifter or cables from us too. We stock all the parts you will need to keep your Sturmey running & running well.

And though there are a dizzying number of small parts on our website, Sturmey have helpful manuals available online. So if you know your hub code, you should be able to find the exploding diagram you need. This will help you in your journey to a fresh restoration.