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Showing all 37 results

Shop safety accessories for your bike & yourself! We stock a range of hi viz safety vests, reflective tape, trouser bands, spoke reflectors & safety flags.

Probably one of your greatest concerns as a cyclist is safety. And even more so if you are thinking about your kids out there on their bikes!

So here we have a number of accessories to help you be seen while you are on your bike. This is easily the biggest difference you can make to how safe you can be on you ride.

Being seen by other cyclists as well as motorists is your greatest asset. And this is why bicycle lights are legislated in Australia. Being seen is to be safe.

You can choose from a number of items to make yourself visible in the dark. Wearing a high visibility vest is a popular option if you ride on the roads regularly. And especially if you find yourself riding in the early morning or late at night.

If wearing a vest is incompatible with your cycling gear (like a backpack) then there are more options. In fact if you are wearing a backpack regularly on your ride then there are high visibility covers for that. High Viz bike covers come with the added benefit of protecting your bag from the rain & road grime.

Other accessories that are subtler but do a great job are trouser straps which keep your pants from your chain. These are dual-purpose items that will keep dirty bike parts from your clean clothes. And will also be a moving part that flashes under headlights. And of course they will keep your pants from getting caught in the drivetrain of your bike. Preventing accidents is also an important aspect of cycling safety!