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TRP Cycling Components

Looking for high quality TRP or Tektro Racing Products? You’ve come to the right place. We stock a huge range of TRP components for your bike.

TRP Cycling Components are the higher end range of Tektro brand products, and you will love the quality. If you’re looking to upgrade your bike’s stock equipment, this is the way to go about it.

Take it direct from our friends at TRP:

Brake rotors are an essential component in the hydraulic equation as they provide the key point of leverage to decelerate the wheels. However, not all rotors are equal as they can differ in their manufacturing process. As well as the cutout design and the diameter. All of which will completely change how your brakes feel and how they end up performing.

Brake rotors start out as plates of hardened stainless steel which are then cut into those familiar circular shapes. This is done using a plasma cutter, water jet, or hydraulic press. From there, each rotor is given a centerless circular grind to sand off any burs from the cutting process. This circular grind not only flattens the surface of the rotor to ensure a consistent braking track. But it also gives the rotor a raw circular finish which allows for pad material to be transferred to the rotor. This will be done during the bedding process (which we will get into later).

These circular grooves cannot be cut too deep as that will cause the uneven addition of pad material onto the rotor. Kind of like the way wind causes ripples in a sand dune, which can lead to shuttering and vibrations as you brake. And they cannot be cut too shallow either or there will be no frictional surface for the pads to bite into. And thus no stopping power.

Therefore, the manufacturing process of a rotor and the surface grind it receives is a crucial aspect of the rotor being able to hold consistent friction and operate as a lever to stop motion.