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Showing 1–48 of 140 results

TRP Cycling Components

Looking for high quality TRP or Tektro Racing Products? You’ve come to the right place. We stock a huge range of TRP components for your bike.

TRP Cycling Components are the higher end range of Tektro brand products, and you will love the quality. If you’re looking to upgrade your bike’s stock equipment, this is the way to go about it.

A particular focus of TRP’s is braking performance. Because this company is a specialist in all things downhill, braking is important. So if you were looking for high quality disc brake rotors that perform under pressure, choose TRP.

You would have noticed that all disc brake rotors look different on just about every bike. This may seem crazy but every manufacturer is constantly testing the boundaries of what they can achieve with hydraulics. Because your rotor blade needs a certain amount of material to be making contact with your brake pads. But simultaneously less surface area means better heat dissipation from the areas that are making contact. Your rotors are not only providing a brake surface for your calipers but they will also need to be heat sinks. The friction of your braking causes an intense & immediate heat which will reduce the effectiveness of the brakes. And this can occur in seconds depending on the speed of the bike when you are decelerating.

So expect to see brake rotor design to continue to constantly change over the years as manufacturers like TRP experiment with the perfect ratio of material & design.