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Showing 1–48 of 56 results

Bicycle mudguards are easily the most convenient upgrade you will make to your bike. And if you want to be riding more in your life, getting a set of mudguards is a great start.

Mudguards come in a variety of types, and we stock a pretty wide range in our warehouse.

The big difference that you will note is the length of the mudguard. A very long mudguard that runs almost 40% of the circumference of your wheel is often called a fender.

Fenders look great on bikes, and they work great too. They catch a lot of water & debris before it can fly up & land on you. They interrupt the travel of the water as it is picked up by the tyres rotation. And they will catch it very close to the tyre so you will experience less splashing.

Fenders are a great choice for a commuter bike for this reason. But not every bike can easily fit a fender. And if you will be running wide tyres on your bike then they may not fit in between your bike frame & tyres.

Bicycle mudguards that are not fenders, come in a variety of styles & mounting methods. The most important thing to start with is where you will be mounting them on your bike. There are mudguards that mount to your seatpost, and some that will attach to you bike frame or stays.

You will also need to consider the size of your wheels to ensure that the guards will fit. They will also need to cover the width of the tyre well so that you don’t get splashed!