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Looking for chainring bolts for a single, double or triple crankset? You’ve come to the right place. We stock just about any bolt you could need.

What is the standard size?

Like all things in the world of bicycles, there are standards but there are also exceptions!

Chain ring bolts come in different sizes and configurations depending on the type of crankset and chainring setup you are running. There are ‘standard’ sizes, however variations exist for different chainring thicknesses, bolt patterns, and crankset designs.

The most common size is 5mm, referring to the diameter of the bolt threads. However, the length and design of the bolts may vary. Some have a double-ended design, with one end securing the chain ring to the crank arm and the other end threading into the chainring nut or spider. Others may have a single bolt that threads through the chain ring and directly into the crank arm.

It’s crucial to ensure compatibility between the bolts and your specific crankset and chainring setup. Different cranksets have different bolt patterns, such as 4-bolt, 5-bolt, or 6-bolt configurations. Additionally, the length and style of the bolts should match the thickness of your chainrings.

Is it okay to reuse chainring bolts?

Generally yes, however this depends on the condition of your bolts when you remove them from your existing chainring. Assuming they are compatible with your new crankset, and none of the heads are rounded they should be okay. However for peace of mind it is not a bad idea to buy new bolts when you upgrade or replace your chainrings. This ensures that at their recommended torque spec they are reliable.

What is the difference between double & single chainring bolts?
Double bolts are designed for double chainrings – two chainrings on one crank. These bolts usually consist of a bolt & nut system. They pass through the chainrings & thread onto the crank arm, the nut securing the two.

Single bolts on the other hand simply thread through the chainring & thread onto the crank arm. Be sure to order the correct bolt & or bolt & nut system when you upgrade your crankset!