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Showing 1–48 of 58 results

Shop our huge range of 26″ bike tyres online now; 26″ 90s mountain bike tyres, 26″ MTB bike tyres, 26″ heavy duty tyres, 26″ electric bike tyres & more.

26″ mountain bike tyres

26″ tyres are traditionally found on 1990s mountain bikes. At the time this was a common size in the mountain bike scene & many people still love their 90s mountain bike! With their long relaxed geometry & small wheel base the 90s mountain bike is a great choice for a cool commuter bike. Restoring these old bikes is also made easier by externally routed cables, rigid forks & rim brake designs.

Because so many 26 inch wheel size bikes were made to be mountain bikes there is usually plenty of clearance n the frame & fork to run wide tyres. Wide tyres are a fast way to make a ride more comfortable & a lot safer if you ride your bike on the streets of Melbourne – wide tyres won’t fit in a tram track!

Not all 26″ wheel base bikes are 90s mountain bikes though, there are many mountain bikes today that are made with 26″ wheel bases, usually to accommodate smaller sized riders. You can commonly find smaller wheels on XS & S size bike frames, and on kids bikes.

Restoring your 90s mountain bike?

Restoring your 90s mountain bike to its former glory is something we absolutely recommend! And in fact we do it a lot at our bicycle repair shop, so if you are near us in Richmond come on down & discuss your options with us.

If you aren’t local to Melbourne, we have the warehouse. We ship across Australia & to New Zealand, so if you are in need of fresh rubber for your bike, you have come to the right place.

If you are wanting to make your 26″ bike faster, we recommend using a more slick tread tyre with a narrower profile. This will reduce the rolling resistance and if you aren’t shredding the trails on your 26er then this should not negatively impact the handling on your bike. If however you like a knobby tyre & feel like a bit of tread is a benefit to your riding then choosing an aggressive tread pattern in a wider tyre profile is an option. We stock both types of tyres in our warehouse, so you are sure to find an option here.

26″ gum wall tyres & 26″ gravel tyres

You will also find 26″ tyres in the latest trends. We have gum wall tyre options in 26″ tyres and the classic gravel style tyre with a slick center & knobby sides. This is a particularly good option for those who like the grip that knobby tyres give you, but don’t want to be slow & loud riding on the roads!

26″ electric bike tyres

Another bike which commonly takes a 26″ tyre is an electric bike. Electric bikes perform better with smaller wheel bases so you will often see small wheeled electric delivery bikes around. Due to the torque and braking demands on an electric bike, smaller wheel bases are more reliable. The weight or load on an electric bike means you should always choose a heavy duty tyre, and/or a wider tyre. This gives you more surface area on the ground when accelerating and more tread to protect your tyres from being worn down by strong braking forces.