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Shop our range of 27″ bike tyres online; 27″ vintage road bike tyres, 27″ gum wall tyres, 27″ white wall tyres, 27″ slick tread tyres & more.

Restoring your little piece of cycling history

27″ tyres – not to be confused with standard mountain bike 27.5″ tyres! – are uncommon these days. Bikes which used these types of tyres have been out of manufacture for decades. If you are lucky enough to own a bike that takes a 27 x 1 1/4 you have yourself a piece of bicycle history!

The classic Healing bicycle made in the 1930s is an example of a 27″ wheel base bicycle. With steel rims these wheels are noticeably different from your average bike wheel of today. They are markedly heavier for starters!

If you are restoring an old 1970s or 1980s bike with 27″ wheels then you are in luck, we stock these vintage bike tyres in our warehouse – for the foreseeable future! If you are after a white wall 27″ tyre for a cruiser we have options and if you are after a tyre like the classic Michelin World Tour touring tyre then we have a lookalike for you. As Michelin World Tour 27 inch tyres are hard to get in Australia, we stock a manufacturers tyre that matches the specs as close as possible to give your bike an authentic restoration. they also come in gum wall for a stylish look.

We stock 27″ tyres in our bicycle repair shop in Richmond too, as we often have 1980s track bikes or vintage touring bikes come in for service work & like to keep all the size options in store for repairs & replacements. If you are local to Melbourne and need help restoring your vintage bike we can definitely help. And if you are having trouble or not sure how you will tackle mounting the tyres on your bike definitely bring them down to our mechanics to help out!