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Showing all 45 results

Bike pumps are an essential piece of kit for any cyclist. An unfortunate reality of bikes is that you will find yourself putting air in the tyres a lot!

Unlike car tyres, your bike tyres will need re-inflation every week or 2. And its important to keep on top of your tyre pressure to prevent punctures. Punctures are by far more annoying than pumping up your tyres!

You will need to use a pump with a gauge that reads the pressure in your tyre for good maintenance. Keeping the right amount of pressure in your tyres is essential to safe riding.

Floor pumps are the best pump to keep at home & inflate your tyres. Because they are easy to use – easier than a hand pump – and you can monitor your tyre pressure.

While they will take up space in your apartment or garage, they are very handy.

Hand pumps are commonly used in emergencies. This is because they often are without a gauge. & of course they are hard to use. They are an important thing to carry on your bike for replacing a tube when you get a puncture. But if you will be relying on them as your only pump you will never want to use them!

An important consideration when buying bike pumps is the valve type that they work with. Be sure to get yourself a pump which works with the valves on your bike. For example if you have Schrader valves or Presta Valves. But many pumps will do both so they are a better idea for a long term purchase.