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Showing 1–48 of 128 results

Check out our huge range of bolts, not just for bikes! M5 bolts, M6 bolts, hollow bolts, bottom bracket bolts, pinch bolts, pivot nuts, eyebolts and more.

You will find bicycle bolts aren’t quite like your average, so you won’t be able to find one at Bunnings!

Finding the correct length & width of these for your bike can also be a challenge. So here in our warehouse you will find the same parts used in a mechanics workshop.

Why use a hollow bolt on your bike

A hollow bolt is used on some bicycle components, such as cranks and brake calipers. The purpose of a hollow bolt is to reduce the weight of the component without sacrificing strength or rigidity. By removing material from the center of the bolt, the overall weight of the component will be reduced. This can help to make the bicycle lighter and more responsive. Which will be particularly important in racing or performance-oriented applications. Additionally, some hollow bolts are designed with a specific tool interface. Allowing for easy installation and removal without damaging the bolt or the component it is used on.

What is a pinch bolt?

A pinch bolt will often be used on stems and seatposts. The bolt typically passes through a slot or clamp area in the component and is tightened to compress the part on. The term “pinch” refers to the fact that the bolt is tightened to apply pressure to the component, pinching it between the bolt and the frame or fork. This type of bolt is often used because it provides a secure and reliable clamping force. And will be adjusted easily without damaging your components or frame.