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Front Carrier Racks

Front carrier racks for your bike are the classic pizza tray! We stock a range of wide, sturdy aluminium front racks for your bike.


How do pizza racks fit on bikes?


Front racks come in a few varieties for mounting to your bike. There are versions which have stays fixing to the axle of your front wheel. And there are others which will mount on the pivot points of your rim brakes on your fork.

Front carriers that are mounted to your axle are super stable and will be able to hold a reasonable amount of weight. They also have a nice steadying effect on the handling of your bike. Because the added weight makes for less ‘twitchy’ handling.

It’s also a place to store your belongings where you can actually see them! And if you are someone who generally carries a backpack while riding your bike, we think a pizza rack is a good spot for it. Especially on those hot summer days where your back gets sweaty!


Can I fit a rack on my bike?


Whether your bike can accommodate a front carrier is a difficult question to answer. Because there are just so many bikes out there. And they are all different! But as a general rule a flat bar bicycle will be able to take a nice big front rack. But if you need our help figuring out if one will fit your bike, get in touch. Sending us some photos and details of the make & model of your bike will help us figure out what is possible for you bike.