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Showing all 14 results

Bike Spoke Protectors

Prevent damage to your spokes with a new bike spoke protector from Bicycle Parts Warehouse today.

Is a Spoke Protector Necessary?

Many bicycles come with a plastic spoke protector guard disc slid between the largest cog of the cassette or freewheel and the spokes of the rear tyre. Most amateur riders and beginners don’t pay attention to this little disc, but some wonder why it’s there and whether it has an important role to play. It’s a spoke protector and it acts as a barrier between the spokes and the chain during an accident involving the rear mech. While not an essential safety or performance component, spoke guards not only protect your spokes but isolate the rear cogs and reduce the chances of contaminating the brake rotor and brake pads with oil and dirt coming off the cassette and chain. Shop our range online now.

How Do You Install or Remove a Bike Spoke Protector?

To remove or install a spoke protector, you would have to take out the rear wheel and then unfasten the cassette or the freewheel. You can then slide on or take off the spoke protector. Cassettes and the freewheels all require different tools and techniques. For expert guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can assist with professional support and advice on a wide range of bike parts from 12-gauge e bike spokes and 26-inch mountain bike spokes to wheel upgrades, replacement tyres, spare tubes and more. Call us today on (03) 9429 6889 .

Get a Plastic Spoke Protector Today

Proud to be one of Australia’s leading stockists of high quality bicycle parts, components, tools and accessories from industry-leading brands, if you are looking for 20-inch bike spokes, bike spoke beads or even a bike spoke tightening tool, you will be sure to find what you are looking for. Stylish and durable, spoke protectors in bright, bold colours can make your bicycle look more attractive and give it a bespoke look that matches your personality. High quality plastic and steel bike spoke protectors have a degree flexibility and will not affect wheel movement. Suitable for most road bikes, mountain bikes, E-bikes and kids bikes, if you need a replacement front or rear wheel spoke protector or heavy-duty mountain bike spoke protector, check out our range now.