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Showing 1–48 of 161 results

Looking for bicycle headsets? Check out our range of threaded, threadless, integrated, semi-integrated, cartridge bearing & many more headsets here!

Needing to replace your worn headset or looking to upgrade your bike’s ride feel? Replacing this fundamental component is sometimes a necessary task.

You will need to determine what size headset you need, and whether you need threaded or threadless designs. This refers to threads inside your bike’s frame as well as the nuts inside the headset. Just to complicate things!

The world of cycling began with 1″ threaded headsets so these were the most common you would find on a bike. They were soon increased in size to 1 1/8″ for mountain bikes for increased strength and stiffness. And to account for the larger sized headtubes & forks you would find on a mountain bike. The sizing continued to increase up to 1 1/4″ for downhill bikes, but then this could be found on road bikes too. Because there are very few standards in bike’s unfortunately!

These days you will find modern bikes use a tapered headset and you won’t need to know these things. But if you are restoring an older bike and need help finding the right headset, get in touch!

We at Abbotsford Cycles head with headset replacement’s and adjustments everyday in the workshop. And we can help you figure out which headset you need from our options online.