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Showing 1–48 of 103 results

Bike Bells Australia

A bike bell is a stylish and effective way to communicate your presence to other road users and pedestrians.

Why Buy a Bike Bell?

For a long time, many bicycle riders have tended to steer away from bells and use their voices instead. However, enthusiasm for bike bells has grown immensely thanks to a wide range of modern and well-designed styles, so much so that they can now be found on mountain bikes and even racing bikes. From small, sleek and minimalist designs to vibrant styles with a loud and fun bike horn sound effect, find the best horn or bell for your bike at Bicycle Parts Warehouse today.

Why Buy a Bike Bell?

Lightweight, and easy to install and operate, if your bike doesn’t have a bike horn or bell now is the time to purchase one.

  • A bell increases safety for yourself and other people enjoying time outdoors. Whether commuting or trail riding, ringing a bell alerts riders and others around you that there’s traffic on the way.
  • New designs from leading brands are stylish and inconspicuous enough to complement any bike.
  • A polite ringing of a bell is much less confrontational than a shout, and their decibel level can notify other path or trail users from farther away. Also, a bike bell is universally recognized as the sound a bike makes when passing, so there will be no confusion that you are coming.
  • They are a legal requirement. All bikes on Australian roads and footpaths must be equipped with a working bell, horn or other warning device.

If you are looking for a road bike bell or bike bell for thick handlebars, Bicycle Parts Warehouse has your needs covered.

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A Kids Bike Bell Makes Riding Fun for All Ages

The littlest details can often make the biggest difference and bells are one of those little children’s accessories that can encourage kids to get outdoors and enjoy the experience of bike riding. Whether it’s a cute ladybird bike bell, a donut bike bell or a funny clown bike horn, kids love making noise so it’s no surprise a little bell can completely transform a kid’s bike ride from ordinary to extraordinary. They also make great gifts for kids of all ages, so browse our collection online and buy a children’s bike horn or bell now.

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Whether you are looking for a high quality bell, bike helmets, tools, parts or accessories, we have thousands of products in stock and ready to be delivered direct to your door. Shop our range online now and enjoy fast shipping so that you can get back on the road and ride with confidence.