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Showing 1–48 of 178 results

Whether you need rim brake pads with a leather strip for steel rims or Dura-Ace compatible pads for your roadie, we have them all in our warehouse!

How to Fix Squeaky or Squealing Brakes

Do your Kool Stop brake pads squeal? Fortunately, the fixes for squeaking disc brakes are usually simple, and will have you quickly riding with confidence again. Disc brakes often squeal because of vibrations in the calliper and rotor, so the first step is to find the source of any vibration, often this could be loose calliper or rotor bolts. A common issue causing brake squeal is contamination of the brake pads. This can cause the pads to lose grip on the rotor, which can cause vibrations leading to squealing. Badly contaminated brake pads will need to be replaced.

What are the Best Mountain Bike Brake Pads?

Brakes are a key component on mountain bikes, and the brake system’s performance can be greatly improved by choosing the right mountain bike brake pads. Most brake pads correspond with a specific brake model, so what brakes you have will determine the pads you need. The main decision will be between metallic or organic material, as most brands offer both. For expert advice, get in touch with us via email or give our friendly team a call on (03) 9429 6889.

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At Bicycle Parts Warehouse, we are passionate about cycling and we want all cyclists to have access to all the bicycle parts, tools and accessories they need to optimise safety and performance on the road, track or trail. That’s why we stock over 9000 product lines in our warehouse and offer competitive prices on every line. Whether you need rare disc brake parts, Kool Stop brake pads, or lights and locks for safety and security, you will find everything you need in our online store.