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Showing 1–48 of 75 results

Check out our range of bicycle lights, front lights & rear lights in LED, battery powered, USB rechargeable lights and dynamo powered lights online now.

Lights are a requirement on a bike, and are an exceptionally important safety device besides that.

Bike lighting these days is made with incredibly bright & long lasting LEDs. A big improvement over previous iterations of bicycle lights, LEDs are bright & easily recharged. You will find rechargeable LEDs are the most common form of bike light. And most these days will be USB rechargeable, making life a bit easier.

Choosing lights for your bike can be difficult, and we have a huge range in our warehouse to choose from. Most cyclists prefer a bright front light for riding in the dark at night or early morning, to spot pot holes!

When choosing your light, consider what your usual route is like, and especially in the winter months when it is darkest. Do you sometimes need to see rocks or road detritus on your usual route? Do you need to navigate a particular section of bike path that doesn’t have good overhead lighting? Consider the seasonal differences in your ride, and how it effects your visibility over the year.

And of course, consider bright lighting to help with your visibility to motorists on roads. While you won’t need to have the brightest light like a 1200lumen, it can be helpful to have 500 lumens.

We would also recommend a bright rear light, just because you can’t see what is going on behind you. You will find a lot of die-hard road riders will have a very bright rear light for this reason. And of course if you have ever been in a situation with a motorist that ‘didn’t see you’ you will go for a brighter light!