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Showing 1–48 of 188 results

Need a new bicycle seatpost or seatpost clamp? We have everything from suspension to standard micro-adjustable versions. And the clamps you need too.

Your micro-adjustable seatpost will allow you to find the perfect angle & height for your saddle. This is an exceptionally important feature for a good bike fit. Bike fitting is big business these days. And if you have ever experienced knee or shoulder pain on a bike you know why.

Micro-adjust saddles are compatible with just about every saddle on the market that have round saddle rails. Ovalized saddle rails are generally found on carbon saddles, and these are only compatible with an ovalized clamp.

Otherwise you will be safe ordering seatposts from our warehouse for your bike. Ensuring of course that you have the measurement of the post first.

It is best practice to measure the internal diameter of bike’s frame to get the right size. This can be within 0.1mm of difference so if you have a set of Verniers this is best. If you don’t, take your old seatpost to a bike shop if you can. If you won’t be able to do this (theft of saddles / seatposts is common) take your bike to a bike shop to measure.