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Showing all 28 results

Order Battery and USB rechargeable bicycle lights from our online store. Choose a matching set in convenient rechargeable LEDs or go for a traditional AA or AAA battery powered version.

Bike lights are a legal requirement for riding your bike on the roads in Australia. But they are also super useful for spotting potholes in the street at night. As the nights grow longer make sure you are prepared with USB rechargeable bike lights.

Struggling to decide which lumen package or how how bright your front bike light should be? It can be helpful to buy a bike light capable of a very high output even if you do not need it super bright. You can then run it at a lower setting to preserve the battery & won’t need to charge it as often.

A good bike light should have a removable light unit, leaving the mounting bracket on your bike’s handlebar or seatpost. This will make it easier to remove the light when you need to charge it. You will also find it easier to remove your lights to prevent theft if the mount stays on your bike.

Buy bike lights online with confidence, we stock a number of rechargeable LED bike lights in our warehouse, and most will arrive to you with 20% charge from manufacture so that you can use them straight away to get home from work! If you are needing a bike light immediately & are local to Melbourne, swing by our bike shop in Richmond, we stock a range of LED rechargeable bike lights in store as well as online.