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All the 700C tyres you could ever need, under one roof. Order 700C bicycle tyres in clincher, wire bead, folding & tubeless online & in store now.

How to determine your tyre size

700c tyres are what we would call standard bike tyre size. While it sometimes feels like there are endless standards in bikes, this one is pretty safe. A 700c wheel size is a common wheel size, especially when it comes to road bikes, commuter bikes & adult bikes generally. If you ride a very small size frame or a kid’s bike then you may have smaller wheels on your bike then you may not be working with 700c wheel size.

Another exception to the standard would be older bikes like 90s mountain bikes (generally 26″ wheels are on these) or older dual suspension mountain bikes which often came in 27.5″ wheel sizes.

If you are unsure what your tyre size is on your bike you can usually find the information printed on the sidewall of the tyres on your bike (if it hasn’t worn away). Your tyre should say ‘700 x 34c’ or something to this effect, the x 34c refers to the width of the tyre, and the 700 refers to the circumference of the tyre. If your tyre has 28″ printed on it this is also a 700c, it is a common European reference to use 28″ in descriptions of road bike tyres, but it is the same as 700c.

Choosing the right tyre for your bike

Once you are confident you have the right size in circumference you can move on to choosing the width of the tyre & the tread pattern & sidewall style. If you are simply replacing what is already on your bike this is a bit easier, simply copy the width and have a look through the options on our site. We have hundreds of options in this particular wheel size so you are sure to find something close in our warehouse!

If you are wanting a wider tyre than is on your bike currently it’s a good idea to check whether the rim you are mounting it on can take a wider tyre. You should also check whether you have clearance inside the frame & fork of your bike to run a wider tyre. Clearance doesn’t just mean in the seat stays, it can also be the brake caliper clearance & fork clearance.

It’s important to also remember that wider tyres are not generally run at high pressure so there will be some bulging when the weight of the rider is on the bike. Depending on the terrain you are riding in you may sometimes be picking up mud or debris that can compromise the clearance you have between your tyres & your frame. Having your tyres rubbing on your frame is of course not ideal & can be dangerous if it’s wearing into your carbon frame!

Coloured sidewall tyre options

When it comes to sidewall colour this is generally a cosmetic choice. Most 700c tyres with gumwall or skinwall sides of the tyre are simply a painted-on feature. Gumwall tyres are a popular look on very old vintage bikes but also increasingly popular on gravel bikes. Gravel bikes are usually in the mud & dirt so brown coloured sidewalls look great! There are some gumwall tyres however that are structurally different in the sidewall, and this difference makes them both lighter & less durable. If durability is not important to you & you would like a lighter tyre on your bike, give us a call at Abbotsford Cycles & we can help find a solution for you.

Can’t find the tyre you are looking for?

We stock a number of premium tyre brands in our bicycle repair shop that are not listed here on our warehouse site, brands like Vittoria, Teravail & Panaracer. These brands make excellent quality folding tyres for gravel bikes & road bikes & they come in coloured side walls options too. If you are looking to upgrade your tyres then these are great brands to consider, you can check out the range here.