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Showing all 35 results

Bike horns are a super fun addition to any kids bike, or adult bike for that matter!

If you have had experiences where your bike bell isn’t easily heard from afar, a horn is a great choice. While for Australian legal requirements you still need a bell, a horn is a nice addition.

Especially useful for those trails and roads where you want to give someone plenty of warning. We see horns are popular in country towns where it feels like a less obnoxious alert to pedestrians and motorists!

But of course if you are looking to encourage your young kids to get into cycling, this can be the perfect accessory.

A fun addition and a way to encourage a sense of agency & alertness to others, bells & horns are important. Young cyclists will learn great situational awareness and consideration for other trail & path users by using bike horns.

Encouraging future cyclists into the sport is important to us! You will find a kid having fun on their bike will result in way more enthusiasm for riding! And we know how much easier it is to keep your kids entertained when they have a love of bikes. Cycling is a great activity for young & old and we like to think it encourages a sense of community.