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Showing all 39 results

50-55T Chainrings

Looking for 50-55T Chainrings for your road bike or gravel bike? We’ve got you covered. Check out our range of large chainrings here.

Searching for BMX/Track Chainrings? You’ve come to the right place. We stock a huge range of hard-wearing chainrings from Stronglight, Defiant & more.

No matter what set-up you’re running, you will find a chainring for it in our warehouse.

What makes a good Track bike chain?

When it comes to track bike chains, you are looking for some key elements. Namely you want the chainring to be as tough & inflexible as possible. The force & power you will putting your drivetrain through when pedalling is serious. And the any flex in the chainring will essentially ‘waste’ that energy you are using.

To optimise your effort, you will need a strong chainring that doesn’t flex under load. Stronglight are very well known brand in the chainring business for their tough components.

The next element you will need to consider is that the chainring you buy is compatible your chain. And your track bike will be running a 1 1/8″ chain, so it’s important to find a chainring that works with this.

Now that you have the correct, super stiff chainring you will want to be sure that it has been machined to a tight tolerance. Meaning that the chain line is maintained when pedalling. Again this circles back to the best use of your power & effort. If your chain isn’t well aligned within your chainring then you are wasting effort. And you will be wearing through your chain inconsistently.

A perfectly round chain wears in a perfectly round pattern and this is what you want. This will also place the correct amount of tension on your chain at all points in it’s rotation.