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Showing 1–48 of 84 results

30-39T Chainrings

Looking for 30-39T Chainrings? We stock a wide range of chainrings to suit BMX, MTB, Single Speed & Road bikes. Check them out here.

We stock a wide range of MTB chainrings to suit your set up. Mountain bike chainrings for 10 speed mountain bikes, 4 bolt MTB chainrings, CNC machined & more.


What size chainring is best for MTB?


Choosing the size of chainring for your MTB (mountain bike) depends on what is compatible with your bike, and your riding style. Where are you planning to ride? If you expect to be doing a lot of climbing then a smaller chainring will give you the most mechanical advantage. It on the other hands you will be riding a lot of technical flats then larger is better.

Understanding the overall gear range you want to have on your bike will help you choose the right chainring size. It’s about balancing the top speed you expect to ride & how easy you want your low gear to be. If you want a wide range on your mountain bike, pairing a large teeth cassette with a small chainring is ideal. This is a popular set up on modern mountain bikes, and gravel bikes. It’s especially popular for bikepacking!

Cadence is another factor in choosing your gear ratio & the size of your chainring. Cadence is a big deal in bikes, and optimising your set up to achieve the correct cadence on your ride will have huge benefits. Using an online calculator tool or some good maths you can use your chainring set up & cassette ratio to work out what size chainring will give you the right cadence.