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Showing all 2 results

650c Rims

Searching for 26 x 1 / 650C Rims for your Tokyo bike? Or maybe for your small sized road bike? We got you covered.

We love Tokyo bikes, and if you own one you may have learnt through going to a bike shop that they are a little different. When you get a puncture on your Tokyo bike & need to replace your tyre you quickly learn that the wheel size is unusual. Unusual in that it is rare, but it has existed as a size in bikes for a long time!

We stock tyres, tubes, wheels & rims in Tokyo bike size because this is the same as small road bikes. Small road bike rims (here we mean road bikes in sizes 48″ & under) are often 650c. Because if you are a small person riding a small frame then 700c wheels can seem too large. So you will find 650c rims on wheels that are for road bikes aimed at teenagers or kids, or just those of us 5 foot 3 & under!

And we try to have a rim in every hole count that exists, so if you can’t find it on our web store, give us a buzz & let us help!

While we try to make our warehouse inventory available online, there are more rims being added everyday. So if you will be replacing an existing rim & just need a good match. Or you’re building up a new wheelset and will need something tough. Get in touch and we can help you source the right rim.