Body Armour - Crash Pads

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Showing all 14 results

Gear up for BMX, MTB or stunt riding with our wide range of body armour & crash pads. Ankle protection, knee pads, wrist pads, shin pads & more.

We stock a wide range of bicycle crash pads & accessories for safe cycling in our Melbourne warehouse. And we ship Australia wide as well as to New Zealand, so you can order online with confidence. We also ship with AusPost so you can have your order in rapid time!

While we aren’t all throwing ourselves off bikes & on to pavement, some are! And we know plenty of kid’s who love the thrill of the jumps on the trails and taking the berms hard.

We love a confident cyclist! And the only way to get them there, is to reduce injury. Nothing will scare a kid (or an adult) off a bike than a bad crash. Don’t let those small incidents become big problems. Throw some body armour – crash pads on your kids bike & prepare for the rough stuff.